Joint wins at the Diffusion 2019 Berlin Hackathon in the “Identity and beyond” track, demonstrating the power of SSI verifiable credentials.

Marcin Ziętek
Nov 6 · 4 min read

It’s been a really busy time for the Joint team as of late, as things picked up speed tremendously. As we move forward, the world seems more and more aligned with the notion of communicating our needs through a user-held identity and contextual approach to information. Leveraging on these trends, we’ve recently had the pleasure to partake in the Diffusion Hackathon in Berlin, organised by Outlier Ventures VC, a forward thinking crew, aiming to consolidate a number of technology stacks necessary to successfully deploy the concept of Web 3.0, of a fairer, less monopolised internet.

Michał and Marcin of Joint with Outliers Ventures Jamie and Aaron

We are happy to inform that Joint won the the “Best integration of Self-Sovereign Identity credentials” in the “Identity and beyond” track of the Diffusion competition. Ease of use is the holy grail for new technology adoption, so we are especially stoked by this particular award. Our aim was to integrate Sovrin SSI credentials within the contextualised, mind-mapped Joint data structure, enabling for meaningful, provable interactions with the outside world. We would like to thank the folks at Evernym and Outlier Ventures for their ongoing support in our quest — it would be hard to achieve this without their caring oversight. All in all, we are humbled and proud by this development, as the collective IQ, the vision and the community gathered around the Outlier Ventures’ Convergence Stack is very high, and gaining momentum by the day.

Diffusion hackers awaiting the grand ceremony

Joint Self-Sovereign Identity integration challenge

Powered by contexts, Joint mimcis the natural flow of information in our lives, in which we effectively sport slightly different identities depending on the situation. This phenomenon is not supported by today’s SM and communication platforms, which tend to bundle everything into a single messy feed, or alternatively force us to relog into different profiles for different activities.

Joint breaks away from this crippled, flattened version of “us”, and lets the users managed their life in contexts, tied to specific activities and interests. A single “Joe” can be split into a “Joe the Java coder”, “Joe the football fan”, “Joe, the rock climber” and so on. Different verifiable SSI credentials are attached to Joe’s sub-identities, and are revealed to interested parties, without breaches of privacy through exposure of irrelevant information. On top of that, Joint uses intent casting to build marketplaces, which in conjunction with sub-identites, allow for high degree of privacy and building of transactional trust. Users can easily prove their claims, but reveal only the necessary information for a given interaction to take place. Contextual task management is also part of the Joint ecosystem, sealing the loop into a fully functional life management system, in which we own and manage our world through our needs and relationships, and not through separate applications competing for our attention.

Human-centric scope of Joint, combining several organically tied functionalities into one platform.

What we have learned at the Diffusion 2019 Hackathon

We are very excited to see the world becoming more aligned with the idea of fairer, more empowering ways for expressing our online presence, as was articulated multiple times by Outlier Ventures CEO, Jamie Burke. This same philosphy has been the driving force behind Joint from the beginning. Being a life organiser, Joint is also intended as a fix for addictive Social Media design patterns, time-wasting, hijacking of our identities and disregard for privacy. The need for a contextualised approach to digital space, with the support of multiple user sub-identities is becoming better understood, and we’re very excited to see our efforts recognised at the Diffusion event.

The road ahead

We will soon be deploying our first use case on a pilot group of artists from the literary circles in Ireland, where established writers act as mentors and make connections with young writers wanting to undergo mentoring. Joint’s contextual approach to information naturally supports this kind of communication — intent casting helps to find precise matches for our needs, while contextual feeds act as distinct channels between both parties. This is just one example of Joint technology, where within a single interface, we are able to cater for a wide array of needs from diferent realms, all in a home-like digital space. Next up is a full blown, contextual, SSI credential enabled hiring platform, followed by numerous marketplaces and a flexible API for plugging in different P2P protocols, of which many constitute the Outlier Ventures Convergence Stack. Exciting times!

Marcin Ziętek

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Joint — The intuitive, contextual life organiser and a hiring marketplace for modern freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

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