How to Generate wallpapers from Evernote Highlights / Quotes / Notes

Marcin Czech
Apr 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Step 1:

install NeuraCache app (Android / iOS) and connect to Evernote with few taps.

Step 2:

Open NeuraCache and select desired note or highlight from any Evernote notebook or tag.

Step 2:

In the options menu select “Preview (Wallpaper). Tap on “Set as Wallpaper”. Done.


With every note & highlight, you can check “Include Wallpaper in Priming Pool” checkbox (due to IOS limitations — Android only). NeuraCache app will rotate generated-wallpapers along with other notes & highlights in the pool for you, hands-free.


Want to learn more efficiently and get compound results from your notes/books/insights?

There is much more you can do with NeuraCache



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