How to Read (and Remember) Insights from Articles with Evernote + NeuraCache

Marcin Czech
Mar 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Step 1 :

When done reading an article that contains valuable insight. Open Evernote Web Clipper


You can select a specific part of the article by selecting it with a mouse.

Step 2 :

This step is also optional — but highly recommended — Ask Question about the article (in Evernote Web Clipper, using note title or remark field), right in your browser.

Step 3 :

NeuraCache app will resurface the flashcard (or just the note) the next day automatically.

Step 4 :

When ready, tap “Reveal” to see original note (or highlight) and compare with how much you remember now using a simple slider.

By default NeuraCache will resurface the note the next day then in 5 days, then 15, 30 and 60 using default Spaced Repetition Pattern. You can also switch to “Adaptive” pattern which will resurface notes based on how well you remember them.

You will not believe how effective these techniques are in retaining your knowledge.


Want to learn more efficiently and get compound results from your notes/books/insights?

There is much more you can do with NeuraCache



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