How to Read (and Remember) Insights from Articles with Evernote + NeuraCache

Problem :

Reading articles online and forgetting most of it next week. Not remembering at all insights from a few months ago / previous years.

Solution :

Push valuable insights from the article into your long term memory using battle-tested techniques → Spaced Repetition + Active Recall.

How :

Lightweight flow with two clicks, using Evernote Web Clipper + NeuraCache without leaving your browser.

Step 1 :

When done reading an article that contains valuable insight. Open Evernote Web Clipper

Step 2 :

Ask Question about the article (in Evernote Web Clipper, using remark field)

Step 3 :

NeuraCache app will resurface the question the next day.

Try to answer it to strengthen your neural connections significantly and lock the insight in your long term memory (Active Recall technique).

Step 4 :

When ready, reveal original note and compare with how much you remember now using a simple slider.

Based on how much you remember NeuraCache will resurface the note/question again (Spaced Repetition technique)

~10% → ~today/tomorrow

~50% → ~ 2 weeks

~100% → in ~6 months


You can ask a question just about a specific part of the article by selecting it with a mouse.


Want to learn more efficiently and get compound results from your notes/books/insights?

There is much more you can do with NeuraCache

We’ve just started 😇 and are hungry for your feedback



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