Actually, every poem could have the title “Moment”.
W. Szymborska

A lot of previous 39 years of my life can be summarised in many different ways, but the term “consciousness” does not suit them well. Mindless race, auto-pilot, banging me head against the wall, „anesthesia“ from many substances, and lack of a life-compass. “It hurts, so let’s get a drink. I will only get these two things and I will be happy. OK, only one more. Tomorrow, next week, next year, in five years. I’m just running up this mountain, at the top there is such a beautiful view. I…

Wearing an orange robe, inhaling incense smoke, we sit on a pillow on the floor. Bald-headed monks around us, muttering together their “ommmmm…”, reciting their mantras, assuming breakneck yoga asanas … many people have such a picture in their head after hearing the word “meditation”.

Contemplation, zen, mindfulness, what are they?

Mindfulness as a certain concept of perceiving reality comes from ancient times. It may be associated with religious or esoteric practices. This connotation is somewhat legitimate, because the experience of mindfulness is the foundation of almost all contemplative experiences of every major religion. In itself, however, it is much simpler and inherently “overreligious”. It is the way of experiencing the world and reality. A fuller life that does not pass between our fingers, conscious experience of us in each given second. Here and now. Mindfulness as such was first defined by an American professor of medical science Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator…

Marcin Nowacki

Psychologist & Therapist. Business Coach. Academic Lecturer. Mindfulness Teacher. Lawyer. Member of APA & ACBS. 3x IRONMAN finisher. More @

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