Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017 — Free Conference. You’re Invited!

The design industry is fortunate to have quite a few fantastic conferences. Not everybody though has time or budget to travel to hear the world greatest design speakers and learn from experiences of practitioners from the industry leading companies.

We’ve decided to change it and organize a series of world class events, completely for free and available to people all over the world.

The first of our Virtual Events — Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017 was an insane success. To our own surprise, with 32k registrants, our first conference, most likely, became the biggest design event in the history.

If you follow UXPin, you know that we’re an ambitious team, not afraid to tackle even the biggest challenges. No wonder, we’ve decided to organize even a bigger event.

I’m really happy to invite all of you dear readers to Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017:

Spanning June 13–16 2017, Agile UX Virtual Summit features speakers from IBM, Fjord, Bloomberg, Hubspot, and Google Ventures. Expect lots of practical advise and inspiring thoughts from the best designers in the world.

And all of that without leaving your office or home, wherever you are, for free.

Speakers list include:

  • John Zeratsky — Design Partner at Google Ventures and co-author of “Sprint: How to Solve Problems and Test Ideas in 5 Days”
  • Indi Young — Cofounder of Adaptive Path and author of “Practical Empathy” and “Mental Models”
  • Peter Merholz — VP Design at Snagajob and author of “Org Design for Modern Orgs”
  • Josh Seiden — Designer at and co-author of “Lean UX”
  • Essi Salonen — UX Designer at Fjord
  • Erin Sanders Muntzert — Senior User Researcher at Google
  • Vera Rhoads — Senior UX Manager at IBM
  • Carol Smith — Senior UX Manager at IBM

Hope to see you on Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017! Let’s make it the biggest design event in the history!

Register now for free!

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