Yes and yes! Thanks for reading and for your comment. :-)
Karen Passmore

Karen, Ray — hope you’re both doing well. I’m happy to give you a short update:

1. UI has been significantly improved based on user tests (as everything we do). Karen — I think you’ll see some of your remarks directly addressed :)

2. Annotation of wireframes and prototypes is now much easier with our documentation feature:

3. We just introduced new Symbols with nesting, overrides and detachment options:

4. Text styles, colors, assets and symbols are synced across connected user accounts:

About the richness of features — please mind that UXPin is primarily used by big teams in big companies. Their problems and needs tend to be quite complex and trust me, we’re constantly trying to contain this complexity in a simple form. 70 people works on it every day always striving to do better. Never ending beauty of iterative design :)

Thank you for your feedback and keep it coming! We love to be challenged and continue to grow.

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