Should Evernote’s iOS App Look Like This?

2 minute redesign of Evernote’s new iOS app

Marcin Treder
Feb 3, 2014 · 3 min read

I love Evernote. I really do. I just feel that when it comes to the mobile design, they’re missing the point. When the newest version hit the App store couple of days ago, I felt that this is the right time to react.

New Evernote iOS design

Although the progress since the last version (one of UXPorn editors actually liked it) is visible and app became a little bit less cluttered, I can’t help myself wondering why the whole thing is so unfocused and overcomplicated.

Duplicated functionalities (e.g. new note and new list below), too many things on one screen, oldfashioned way of syncing the account, lots of unneeded text (“create a new note”)… the overall experience is lukewarm at best.

“New text” and “New list” are almost the same. No matter which option you’d choose there’s always duplicated navigation above the keyboard…

As a designer I just can’t stop thinking that I can improve something. It’s a occupational disease. In no time I’ve recreated the home screen of Evernote’s iOS app as a prototype in UXPin (The UX Design tool) and I’ve started to play with the concept of a strongly simplified version of the Evernote app.

Take a look at the video to see the process:

Redesigning Evernote iOS App in UXPin

In my opinion any notetaking app should be focused on only two basic use cases:

  • Taking notes (or rather saving thoughts)
  • Finding notes (or finding thoughts)

The first use case should be vastly simplified. From the architectural point of view there are two types of actions that you can take with Evernote: saving thoughts as text and saving thoughts as pictures. I’ve assumed that the text notes are the more important one (I might be wrong), hence centralized button responsible for this kind of note.

Additionally Evernote offers setting a reminder which might be useful in a mobile app.

Original design by Evernote recreated as a wireframe
My redesign of the navigation

When it comes to finding notes we have two options:

  • Using search
  • Using system of catalogues

In the original new Evernote search icon is unconveniently placed between the edge of the screen and the sync icon (btw. sync should be fired by pulling the screen down as in majority of modern mobile apps). I’ve decided to move it to the left and give it more space to enhance the visibility.

Catalogues in the original app are a little bit oldfashioned and messy. I’ve decided to give them more breath and hide any extra info that destroyes the experience of searching for a note.

Cataloques visualisation in the original app (left) and my redesign (right)

Touching any of the catalogues panels would unwrap it and show recent notes/notebooks/tags/places (you can see that on the video).

It’s just a simple concept that I’ve formed in couple of minutes in UXPin. If you wish to take it to the next level, or form your own concept basing on either the original design, or my concept design, use wireframe templates below (single click uploads them to UXPin; you’ll find them in your smart elements library):


    Marcin Treder

    Written by

    Design Tools Radical. CEO at UXPin — the most advanced code–based design tool out there:

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