Have you ever give your dreams the power to change your life?

Unfortunately, my generation didn’t receive a formal entrepreneurship education. Neither our parents or teachers were aware of the entrepreneurial process or even thinking about a new business as a career option. All that schools were about, universities included was to prepare for a career in the workforce.

I can clearly remember my parents telling stories around the dinner table on how their parents had a dream that their kids would study and go to a university. In both cases, my grandparents may have only attended a few months of school during their entire lives.

And you have probably already noticed how others’ attitudes about our plans for the future shape the dreams we cherish for ourselves.

The genesis of our life long path that is embedded in our dream could be nourished or even destroyed, depending on the soil in which we decided to plant it. And this is a decision that only we can do for ourselves.

Let me share a personal story with you.

During my childhood, one of my best friends was one of my brothers. I liked to do everything with him. Even when mom asked me to go buy some groceries for dinner, I would call him to go with me, although it was only a five-minute walk from home. I enjoyed every moment of his companionship.

One day, we were playing together at home when suddenly I said, “When I grow up I would like to be an orchestra conductor.” At that time we both were studying piano and playing some classic pieces by Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and others, and we had some basic music knowledge. But, a musician’s life were not easy where we were raised, as they usually struggled to have enough money to live.

I am pretty sure that my brother had the best intentions mind, but he promptly answered back, “Musician for what, to starve to death?”

That answer killed my dream. Although I was very young, probably under 10 years of age, I decided that he was right, and as a brother who loved me, he was concerned that I find an occupation that would provide enough for my family and me.

But, as a child, the best thing that we could do is to dream. At such an age I knew nothing about life, about salaries and wages, or things that belonged to adult life. But, I knew how to dream, and I also knew what dreams would not be good to dream, or at least to share.

Dreams are fragile like soap bubbles, but they still have the power to enchant us. And how much fun we could have playing with soap bubbles. But, like the bubbles, a dream wouldn't last too long if we don’t care about it and nourish it until it becomes bold and strong enough to propel us forward. This is when the dream is turned into a vision, and a vision can shape our entire future.

I hope you can see the connection of ideas. My parents were able to achieve their dreams of having a university degree. Actually, we could say that this was a their parents’ dream for them, but somewhere along their own journey they decided to assume it as their dream as well. My parents paid a huge price to pursue it, sometimes working while studying and even going to university while they were raising a family. It was not easy, but they did it.

But the same didn’t happen to me. Why did I stop dreaming about becoming an orchestra conductor? Should I blame my brother’s reaction or even anyone else’s attitude expressed in reaction to my dream?

For sure not.

Our life doesn’t rely solely on others’ actions. We have within ourselves the power to nourish our dreams and pursue them.

That’s why having a successful career and a successful life depends on pursuing our dreams, and this process is all about us. And here I am not talking only about starting a business — it goes deeper than that. I am talking about the inner power and eagerness that gives us a place to go, where to put our efforts and a way to pursue it with all our strength.

This is the power of a dream, and this could change your life forever.