Innovation and Creative Data Lions 2015

The coolest part, in my opinion, in the last three years in Cannes Lions is the Innovation Lions, at the beginning was a category of the festival and this year 2015 won his own festival. By definition, the Innovations Lions honor “brand-aligned ideas and business solutions” and this year, recognized work in two categories — “Creative Innovation,” which honors business solutions associated with a brand or campaign, and “Innovative Technology,” which honors standalone tech solutions.

The president of the Jury of Innovation, Nick Law — Global CCO of R/GA, for him “There are two sorts of creative thinking, the more narrative, agency-type thinking and the more systematic, Silicon Valley-type of thinking. There was a lot of work that was more narrative, usually on behalf of brands, but to me, a lot of the conversation was parsing out the differences and the pros and cons from these two worlds.”.

This year the jury awarded the Grand Prix for What3Words project (“3 words to addresses the world”), a global addressing system that divides the globe in 57 trillion three-meter squares (small geo-fencings) and associates each of these squares an address that is a unique combination of three words, for example the Statue of Liberty is chip.twice.update, but if you want to arrange a meeting with someone to take a picture in front of the statue already changes the address turns intervals.taps.winks and so will every three-meter square. According to the service site, the 3 words are significantly more memorable than the equivalent alphanumeric characters or lat/long coordinates required to define the same location, and much quicker and easier to say. This system solves an addressing problem worldwide because 75% of the world (4 billion people) there are not reliable street addresses.

Innovation Lions: Standalone tech solutions.

Grand Prix

And in the category Innovation has other projects that were awarded, if they want to deepen and learn more go here with the links to understand the projects.

Owlet: A socks that connects to the cell and monitors the baby while sleeping

Baidu Kuaisou: A smart chopsticks that test your food for contamination

Bioranger: BioRanger Platform is being used by food producers to test for harmful diseases that decrease yields and increase liabilities

Penny The Pirate: Penny the Pirate, a free storybook to allow you to screen your child’s vision

Clever Buoy: A Shark detection Buoy

Life Saving Dot: A Bindi that delivers nutrition to poor Women in India

Ach2o: A new source of water for the planet from A/C

Creative Data Lions: Business solutions associated with a brand or campaign that uses data in a creative way.

Gold Lions

Ea Sports Madden Giferator: An Art, Copy & Code Project With Google

Twin Souls

Reviving Legends

9/11 Memorial Museum

Run That Town


And for Brazil our first lion in this category, a Bronze Lion for Meeting Murillo, now visually impaired mother sees ultrasound thanks for 3D printing:

For Mr. Law (Innovation’s president),
“Cannes has originally been a place for storytellers, and there’s still a great romance around narrative thinking. I think what the industry has had a hard time recognizing is that people who come out of digital are creative. It’s interesting because they wouldn’t think the same thing about an architect, but I think that sort of thinking is analogous to digital thinking. It’s important not only that you recognize systematic thinking is creative, but more important is to recognize both styles of thinking as two hemispheres of the brain and when you get them together, then you have something bigger, better and more interesting.

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