The three artist that I choose are Nova Villa, Mark Rivera, and YannieRombaoa. These three artist are all professionals in their own field. Nova Villa is a professional actress, she is a veteran in the acting industry. She inspires lot of young artist based on her experience. Mark Rivera is a casting director and also a football player, he is part of the Philippine Askalz team. In his young age he achieved his dream by hard work. He is an inspiration to all. YannieRombaoa, YannieRombaoa he is the man behind the Philippine coins. He is the one who designs are coins. He is also a painter. He is an inspiration to everyone. He studied in FEU but did not graduated due to lack of money. He works part time to continue his study in UST, then he received a scholarship and studied at Spain. He is an inspiration to everyone to work hard so you can reach your dream.

This three artist Nova Villa, Mark Rivera, and YannieRombaoa are all dedicated to their work. They are all professionals. They are all an inspiration to every one of us. The qualities that I want is that the work hard attitude, never give up on something.


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