With a little help from the Cerritos College Athletic Training Center

Whenever Cerritos College basketball standout, Tyler Payne, has an issue with his body, big or small, he does not hesitate to make his way to the Athletic Training Center on campus.

The Athletic Training Center at Cerritos College is at the forefront of athlete care and wellness by providing athletes with the best possible aid and important tips on how to nurse any number of injuries.

They urge athletes to make their way to the department with any discrepancy that may occur with their bodies.

“They’re good people and they really care about our athletes and get us better,” Payne says.

“Me personally I had a couple of injuries that I had to deal with… I got healthier faster than normal through the rehab and drills they had me go through,” Payne states.

Payne says he suffered through a number of injuries throughout the season, including a slight tear in both his MCL and Achilles, but was at ease knowing that he was going to be in good hands the minute he stepped through the doors at the Athletic Training Center.

Athletic trainer, Andrea Nunez, works at the center and loves the fact that they provide help to the athletes on campus in what seems like devastating times to them.

“We help them with rehab [and] we help them get back on the field if they can’t play at a certain time or anything,” Nunez explains. “Basically if they’re injured, they’re here.”

She goes on to say their priority is to nurse athletes back to health as quickly as possible through a number of procedures they have at their disposal.

She also says the center is always packed with athletes because the athletes feel comfortable and relaxed knowing they are in good hands.

Training centers can be beneficial for student athletes, especially the Athletic Training Center at Cerritos College.

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