Being the World’s Kindest Company. Full Stop.

Working hard to change the way work is done.

We are working hard to change the way work is done. We believe that above all, this means being kind, and so, we’re striving to be the world’s kindest company.

And given that this is Random Acts of Kindness Week, what better time to say something more about what kindness means to us.

Being kind doesn’t mean we hold hands and sing kumbaya before every meeting. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about winning. We do. A lot.

In fact, on behalf of our clients, we want to win badly. But we’re keen to win the right way. On our terms. So, kindness doesn’t mean go along get along.

For socialdeviant, working to be the world’s kindest company starts and stops with how we work.

It’s not a mantra to be laminated, or made into a T-Shirt.

It is, instead, an guiding principles that drive our operating model, and manifests itself in a variety of ways:

  • We are hyper collaborative, with our clients and partners. We generally operate as an extended social media team for our clients, seamlessly integrated ideas into their marketing calendar
  • We operate with a WIP mentality. We share almost everything as it’s being developed, completely ego-less and inviting clients to contribute at every step of the process. We are never precious about our ideas or our thinking, using platforms like Google Docs to foster real-time ideation and sharing
  • We work fast. Really fast. No client ever in the history of the universe said “slow down.”
  • We are infinitely composed. No yelling, no screaming, no swearing to replace a more articulate thought because it sounds cooler. What sounds cool to us is smart thinking simply expressed
  • Our favorite words, which are used often, are please and thank you.
  • We operate without guile, and our only agenda is to create value in a socially connected world. Full stop
  • We assume positive intent in everything we do
  • We focus on the personal and professional development of our people, with explicit plans that when possible, align with the goals of the firm
  • We have unlimited vacation, with a minimum requirement to take 10 days every year
  • We show up. 95% of life is simply showing up.
  • We do our best, our level best, to find the good in others
  • We have a point of view, and are as interested in how we do things, as what the things are that we do
  • We are completely transparent. We share our hopes, dreams, numbers, progress, failures, successes
  • We say what we mean, and mean what we say
  • We respect each other, in every sense of the word. We start meetings on time. We listen carefully.
  • We are accountable, to ourselves, first, and to those around us. We follow-up, and follow-through. Closing the loop is the kindest thing we can do
  • We ask others what more we can do to help them help our client succeed
  • We don’t force fun. It either happens naturally, or it doesn’t happen at all
  • We praise often, and always give credit where credit is due
  • We clearly define roles, have clear ownership, and are accountable for our deliverables
  • So far, so good. In less than two years, we’ve grown to almost 20 full time deviants, serving social media marketing solutions for big brands such as Farmers Insurance, MillerCoors, Keystone Mountain Resort (part of Vail Resorts), TE Connectivity, Twitter, P&G, The Kellogg School of Management, and American Airlines.

Marc is an entrepreneur, father and founder of socialdeviant.

Dive into more of Marc’s business, culture and enterprenurial mussings at

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