I love Mondays

One thing that’s been on my mind for a long time.

I love Mondays.

Monday gets a really bad rap. Everyone loves Friday. Saturday…the darling of the week. Sure, it’s easy to love a winner.

But who loves Monday? Monday deserves a lot more love, for several reasons:

  1. The sweet is never so sweet without the bitter. Would you love Friday so much if Monday didn’t exist?
  2. Without Monday, which day would Garfield hate?
  3. MNF. Say no more.
  4. When Monday is a day off…like MLK or President’s Day, it’s the best day in the world
  5. Without Monday, 3 day weekends would be, well, just a weekend

So, enough Monday bashing. Too easy, too cliche.

This week, join me in praising the workhorse, lone ranger, love it or leave it day that stands along among days of the week, proudly, to kick off every work week shamelessly.

The day that doesn’t get invited to the weekend party. The day that goes to the prom alone. The day that everyone loves to hate. Except me.


Marc is an entrepreneur, father and founder of socialdeviant.

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