Sometimes, Big Dreams Should Remain Just That.

I had a thought the other day. Not so profound, and surely, not so original, but worth sharing nonetheless.

Dreams are such an important part of our daily existence. Big dreams fuel our hope, our aspirations, our inspiration.

They motivate us to try harder, to do better, to achieve more.

They challenge us to strive, beyond our reasonable capability to do so.

Big dreams feed our soul. They nourish our passion for possibility.

And sometimes, when that possibility becomes a reality, well, it can be a major letdown. Ask any dog that’s chased a parked car.

Not only have you captured something that heretofore forced you to think and act big, but also, perhaps in catching that dream, you realize that maybe it wasn’t so much worth dreaming about.

Try sitting next to a celebrity for 4 hours on the way to LA. Then ask yourself, was it really that special? Quite likely, they had to get up to use the washroom, just like you, and sat staring out the window, hoodie up, headphones on.

Slightly less than inspiring, indeed.

So, sometimes, let’s be ok with keeping our Big Dreams just that.

Big Dreams. Somewhere on the horizon, just beyond our grasp.

Marc is an entrepreneur, father and founder of socialdeviant.

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