The Deck Is Not The Deliverable

It’s pretty easy to confuse efforts with results.

It’s pretty easy to confuse efforts with results. Busy with productive. Try with do.

Despite the modern tendency to reward merely showing up (“Nice swing Billy” is almost always said as Billy flails at strike 3), I think the reward should more focus on the outcome as opposed to the effort.

For sure, strong effort is essential. For sure, we should give our full measure of effort, commitment, and passion to everything we do. Two feet, all the way in, always. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

But sometimes, especially in our industry, the effort is too much the focus.

The process overwhelms the outcome.

And we lose sight of the fact that the deck is not the deliverable. The deck is merely the conduit — a conduit to presenting ideas that we hope make a huge difference in our clients’ business.

In fact, all that matters is whether or not the ideas presented were adopted by the client. The deck isn’t the outcome. A good meeting isn’t the outcome. If ideas aren’t executed, we keep trying until they are, because after all, that’s the only way we help our clients win.

So next time someone says “wow that’s a great deck,” please ask “and what was the result of the meeting?”

Marc is an entrepreneur, father and founder of socialdeviant.

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