Launching Metamesh Consulting

As promised, I’m starting the new year launching a consulting firm with ex-ConsenSys friends and experts who feel inspired to join the adventure. We are all feeling bold and excited. We know there is space in the market for deep industry knowledge and highly technical expertise. We offer our services to business leaders who understand the benefits and challenges of exponential technologies. We advise and partner with industry to build the 21st-century digital infrastructure. We’re launching Metamesh Consulting!

What’s in a name?

Metamesh will sound like a strange name for many. It’s a placeholder name to get started. For ex-ConsenSys people who lived in “the mesh”, it carries the hope the mesh can survive as an ideal. It also translates the belief that we can be helpful to ConsenSys spokes from outside ConsenSys, may be more helpful. As it happens, we understand their technology in depth, hence we can advise our clients (independently and fairly) about what to use and when to use it, about what works and what doesn’t.


Today more than ever, business leaders need trusted advisors to navigate the troubled waters of the next industrial revolution, powered by exponential technologies. We are navigators, charting a course to coveted and strategic business positions, creating a competitive advantage for our clients. We are builders using the right tools for the right job. We are business partners.

The team

When ConsenSys laid off 13% of its workforce, I immediately saw a business opportunity. The labour market is so tense these days, that it’s really a godsend gift. I proposed that if I could mobilize 10% of these 150 experts out there, we’d have something powerful to offer. I managed to work with a good dozen ex-ConsenSys colleagues to put together a consulting service portfolio we believe makes sense to the business world.

Happy New Year!

Keeping readings short on December 31st is good practice. I want to tell you I’m bullish about 2019. It’s really on all of us to build the world we want to live in. Let’s keep supporting each other when we need it. Let’s keep our light shining, whoever we are, straight or gay, religious or atheist, man or woman, and anything in between. We all share the same human condition.

Leading the Digitization of Organizations with Free/Libre Open Source Software. My personal view here (RT ≠ endorsement).

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