From BlackRock to Blockchain
Agnes Budzyn

Thanks for sharing your compelling story, Agnes. It resonates a lot. In 2007–2008, I was taking my MBA (somewhat lured away with a good scholarship from a Masters in Computer Science). As a technology subject matter expert at the state (provincial) government, I was discovering for the first time, with tremendous amazement, what the global financial services infrastructure was built on.

As a Frenchman, the hickup at Société Générale, was a fascinating story we abudantly discussed in the Finance class, together with the news from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and other collosus. I read a lot of those bestseller books explaining the madness that lead to the crash and the madness that followed (too big to fail they said). Ten years later I’m asking myself what did we learn?

We have data, but unless we do that math right (some did at the time), and unless we agree on the value of assets, a balance sheet could contain a lot of nice dreams and rêveries. I’m excited at the possibilities of redesigning the global financial infrastructure, based on what we learned, to make it safer and more fair for everyone. By the way, ConsenSys rocks!