Blowdrying a Razor: A Photo Essay
Nicole Dieker

A quick search shows you can get a 12-pack of cheap disposable razors (the ones most likely to rust quickly) for $3.49. 3.49/12*365.25 = 106.23, so that’s shaving daily and still not hitting $175. Double-edged safety blades, also intended to be discarded after one use, cost even less.

I shave with Gillette Mach 3 blades. If I bought them at the worst list price of $3 each and used them until they rust (I’ve never seen one rust), they typically rusted after a week, and this let me extend a blade to 2 weeks I’d get the sort of savings described here. Maybe this would be a thing if I still lived in Florida? Again, I’ve never seen a blade rust.

I’m pretty confident that if you’re using a blade until it’s rusty, it’s also no longer sharp enough to shave, so I’m entirely skeptical of this cost savings from multiple angles.

But if you want to see if it works, we’d really need to see a comparison of a blown dry razor and a shaken off razor otherwise used and kept in the same conditions so we could put a number on how many days of additional life we’re getting out of the now dull but not rusty blade. Which you’d have to be shaving with regularly, so please don’t test this.

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