At we prefer Angular as the frontend stack for the applications we develop and we use Azure as our cloud infrastructure. Over the last few months we’ve learned what it takes to properly host an Angular app in Azure.

In a few steps i’ll explain what we’ve done to run an Angular app on Azure with:
* A custom domain
* Free SSL
* Clean URLs (using Angulars PathLocationStrategy)
* Cache busting
* Compression

1. Setup Azure Storage

The output of your Angular build is a bunch of static HTML / Javascript / CSS files. You can put these on an Azure App…

Recently I created an WebJob to do some background processing for our company’s web app. It took me some time find out how to deploy the WebJob using Azure Devops (most documentation is about full framework WebJobs), so I’d like to share my deployment script with you.

  1. Add an Azure Powershell task to your build or release pipeline

2. Change the variables in the top of the script below to match your resource group / web app / webjob names.

Every developer knows the struggle of generating PDF files. Even though in the .NET world there are some pretty good packages to do this, it basically comes down to coding the PDF line by line. Since this is a time consuming and monotonous task, producing a lot of low value code we decided to do this differently

A tool like Altova Stylevision allow you to visually design a document and The Apache FOP Project takes the XML containing the data and an XSLT file containing the ‘design’ . That sounds a lot friendlier, but how to integrate this JAVA component…

The last couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with Kubernetes (popular abbreviation: k8s). Kubernetes is the #1 container orchestration tool that helps you deploying and scaling containers.

It took me some time figuring out how to get my simple .NET Core MVC app running in Kubernetes on Azure. I started off with some very basic Docker knowledge, and it turned out Kubernetes throws many more concepts in your face you need to get to know!

I will show you the steps it took to get my .NET Core MVC app running on a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure. I…

If you’re interested in adding SSL / HTTPS to your Azure Web App you can buy a certificate within Azure, but if you use LetsEncrypt you can add SSL for free (downside: renew your certificate every 3 months)

I’ve seen scripts & websites automating these steps. I could not get them to work for this specific scenario (.NET Core MVC Webapplication + Azure Web App) and that’s why I wrote down the steps to get it to work. If you do not have this setup, there might be an easier way.


Even though containers have been a popular way to ship applications for a couple of years it was only until recently I found the perfect problem to solve with a container.

A while ago I created the little web app that allows you to create a shared playlist based on the favorite Spotify tracks of you and your friends / colleagues / family members. A feature of is you can let it regenerate the playlist every night or every week, so when your favorite songs change, so will your shared playlist.

Traditionally I would execute this background task…

Cross post from the company blog where I posted this as a lesson learned from visiting NDC Oslo.

The last couple of years there has been a strong focus on microservices in about every architecture talk I’ve heard or seen. I believe every developer, project manager and business owner sees advantages in having multiple small services over one big application. I also believe there are big advantages but like anything in IT there are always trade offs.

What’s a (micro)service?

I believe the term microservice is easy to misunderstand. It has the word micro in it, and we developers easily relate that to…

This a crosspost of the write-up I created after we (a small team of volunteers) migrated the website to Azure to prepare it for the yearly high traffic weekend. First posted here.

On the first sunday in september the small town of Zundert (The Netherlands) receives a lot of visitors. On this day the biggest flower parade of the world takes place in the streets of Zundert. Volunteers (and mostly inhabitants of Zundert) have been working on giant floats covered in flowers for almost half a year!

A float displaying the famous painter ‘Vincent van Gogh’ covered entirely in flowers. Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert.

The first weekend of september

Marc Mathijssen

.NET developer living in The Netherlands. I write stories because it helps me sharing and remembering knowledge.

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