Why do California and Massachusetts, states where they have had unified filibuster-proof majorities…
Andrew Dobbs

I contend that is because of two things. Success in those states has been much higher than in much less progressive states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc. You don’t have Google, Oracle, Intel, Goldman Sachs, etc in those states. But let me ask you, would you rather be part of the working poor in California, Mass, NY or in those states I mentioned. I can tell you my answer. I would rather be poor in those Blue States. My kids would go to better public schools, colleges are both better and more subsidized, and healthcare is more accessible to the poor. There are many more social services available to the poor than in Red States. So you have to look at the standard of living of the poor in Red vs Blue States and not just the difference in wealth inequality.

As to your second question, I didn’t understand it.