Millennials are Tired of Watching Old People Double Down on Batshit and Evil
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The problem is the logical outcome of a system that privately finances political campaigns with few limits. If you want to predict how a politician is going to vote look to who has funded their campaign first. That is who they represent when push comes to shove. Constituents come second. Why do GOP politicians oppose universal healthcare? Because they would have to extract greater taxes from their wealthy contributors. Why do they deny climate change? Because it hurts the interests of their energy company contributors. Why do Dems push unionization laws? Because that’s who contributes to them. We don’t need a new bought and paid for party. We need a new campaign system that would free politicians to run and vote for policies that benefit our society as a whole. That could be a public system or one that limits contributions to small private donations only from citizens. Until that happens, we will continue to suffer political dysfunction.

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