Praising Sacrifice and Denouncing Hatred on Memorial Day

Monday, we honor the brave men and women who gave their lives so countless future generations could enjoy theirs.

Given the events of last week, the sacrifices our courageous service members have made for centuries ring true, in a world plagued with hatred and disregard for human life. Those who made the ultimate sacrifice are heroes not just in our nation, but in those which they helped liberate.

They brought hope where there was despair. They brought joy where there was sorrow. They brought freedom where there was tyranny.

Whether on the beaches of Normandy and in the air over Germany, or, more recently, in the streets of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, courageous service members in the United States Armed Forces have long fought for — and, yes, many have died for — democracy, hope, human decency and freedom. The very ideals our nation celebrates, never more than on this solemn day.

As we remember our fallen heroes today, we’re reminded their service and sacrifice continue to inspire those who seek justice for all — men, women, children — both here at home and abroad.

Our respect remains steadfast for those whose gave all in service to their neighbors, communities, state and nation. As Americans, we all realize the consequence of sacrifice; with Memorial Day remembrances, we ensure the selfless men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten.

We lift them up, celebrate their service and memorialize their lives. May God shine His glory on those who have sacrificed in service to us, and may He protect those who live with loss. God bless our community and the United States of America.