America during the Great Depression (left) and the Covid-19 lockdown (right). Left image from Wikimedia Commons by unknown. Right image from Wikimedia Commons by Anthony Quintano.

A vicious cycle of unemployment and debt triggered by Covid-19 could implode the American economy. There are several ways the government can stop it — some of which are happening right now.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and millions more have been infected with the virus. On top of this enormous human toll, the pandemic is also devastating the world economy as countries experience sudden recessions and skyrocketing unemployment. Yet the full scale of the economic fallout remains uncertain. Will the Great Lockdown turn into the Second Great Depression? …

A Bernie Sanders supporter at a rally in California, 2016. Image from Wikimedia Commons by Shelly Prevost.

To bring back Bernie Sanders supporters, Joe Biden’s campaign must mirror their concerns, focus on the team that would enter the administration, and stop blaming them for 2016.

Suppose that you are the campaign manager of the 2020 presidential campaign of former Vice-President Joe Biden. First of all, congratulations! You bet on the right horse! After months of uncertainty and some minor-to-moderate(-to-bizarre) gaffes from your candidate, you’ve squelched the other Democratic contenders and the inertia of name recognition has paid off (plus a timely endorsement from Rep. Jim Clyburn). …

Marco Pastor Mayo

Political scientist and DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford. Here to share some political observations in these strange strange times.

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