Hiking: The beginning

Everything started with a book “Guia de Trilhas de Petrópolis”. Thereby, my husband and I put in mind one objective: “finish the book” like a game, and now we are the characters.

At first we were so excited, until to do the first track, which was the rise of Pedra do Quitandinha, sunny weather, clear sky, the perfect day.

So… All the charm was getting lost in the first few steps, because we had no idea that the climb was so steep, and we are so sedentaries (lol). …

Travis CI is a continuos integration platform that ensures the quality of code through unit testing, allowing the project development team, have confidence to apply change quickly, without fear of damaging the code base.

However, it is not a magical tool, it just ensures that the tests are executed. If any feature is not covered by tests or tests did not include a possible scenario, bugs can still be introduced.

In the end of development of a feature, tests should run to make sure everything is working as expected. Afterwards, a pull request is applied to include the build in…

Marco Araujo

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