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March 2020. This week, as Turkey reported the first cases of COVID-19 in the country, our company decided to enforce remote working policies for all personnel. It’s been a week now since Monday product teams, marketing, operations and category management started working from the safety of their houses to help curbing the spread of the virus.

Here, today, at the end of my first week of quarantine, I have prepared a collection of lessons learned, tools and personal experiences for the many others worldwide that are switching to remote working.

Our tools for working remotely


Discord is the only real new entry in our toolbox. Born as a software to enable voice communication for gamers all around the world, it quickly evolved to support all kinds of communities and now it’s one the favorite communication clients worldwide. The platform is organized in servers, each server can be made accessible by invitation-only and can host any number of permanent rooms. Anyone can share their screens for the other room members to see, and changing room is a one-click process. How much is it costing us? …

A structured approach to the usage of royalty free photography.

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A matter of trust is a marketplace for services. Customers come to our website with a need, like fixing leaking pipes, and are matched with professionals that can do the job for them. When I try to describe what our business is all about, I often hear people saying “i see, like Upwork, right?”.

Well, kind of.

In service marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, customers come looking for someone to create a website. …

Metrics are taking the spotlight from design intuition, it’s up to you to take a stance when designing products

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Ever felt like Google Analytics was failing to show the incredible improvements your design skills brought to your product?

Ever felt like you weren’t able to find the right metrics to highlight the success of your redesign?

Of course you did, and you are not alone.

Let me introduce you my relationship with Data. I started my design career designing for small companies. Every now and then clients came asking for the “cool things”, for modern designs and screens that would set them apart from the competition. Looking for the chance to prove my design talent and show off my skills, I worked on those projects overtime. …


Marco Baldessari

Designing digital products, collaborating with different functional teams, using analytics to validate ideas and features.

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