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Privacy is dead, stop mourning it. Stop going to rallies in order to get your precious “privacy” back. And this is not new: Privacy properly said, has been long gone in the past decade, and it is not coming back, not because it is lost forever, but because Privacy truly never existed.

What exactly is “Privacy”? Privacy is defined by the Oxford University dictionary as:

“ […] the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.”

This definition leaves us with certain questions.

Since we cannot be unobserved, because we always are physically “visible”…

ECHOs — the Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay, as described by Tom Clancy’s The Division — could as well be part of our future, thanks to recent technical innovations.

ECHOs are holographic projections that appear as players roam the streets of Manhattan, looking for loot. These projections are still images conformed by the conglomeration of data points, that can show the exact moment of a crime, the weapon of the attacker, reproduce sound, and identify the perpetrators.

An ECHO. (The Division Zone —

An ECHO — according to the game — captures data mined from phone calls, surveillance cameras and…

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Marketing, Politics & Technology.

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