A Look at the Bittersweet Simplicity in ‘All Apologies’ by Happiness

As a child of the peak MTV era, I am psyched to share with you a series that highlights the creativity and technique behind some of the most interesting music videos and the people who make them.

‘All Apologies,’ was released in 2014 by the Swedish duo Happiness, an off-the-radar band; ‘All Apologies’ is the only song on their official YouTube account, they have no official website — it feels as if this monologue was developed as a one-off declaration of the overwhelming feeling of loss and the persistence of love.

The video, directed by Adam Berg and produced by Smuggler, was shot using anamorphic lenses, which lends a deep, cinematic feel that makes the song itself feel more of a soundtrack to the powerful story unfolding.

“The song is, in many ways, about accepting your fate, so we discussed the concept of doing something minimalistic,” said Berg about the collaboration with the band.

This simplicity is powerful; as the elderly couple simply dances among a room of glaring onlookers, the impact of this simple gesture of love penetrates through the animosity, and though the ending is relatively expected, that same simplicity of the shot quietly lends an emotional explosion in its final moments.

There are few music videos that manage to bring such a huge punch through its simplicity, and it is truly a testament to Berg’s talent as a director. As the saying goes, less is more; in this case, less is everything.

Marco Lemcke is a London-based, interdisciplinary Creative, who works on various projects for both traditional advertising- and digital-agencies, as well as individual clients. Find out more at: www.marcolemcke.com