#Unmissable: Stella McCartney And Her Forest-Friendly Fabrics

While most upscale fashion and accessory lines are decked with luxurious leather and fur, Stella McCartney has different ideas. “None of it turns me on,” she says in an interview with Imran Amed from the Business of Fashion.com.

McCartney knows it is not easy nor inexpensive to produce sustainable fashion, but that hasn’t stopped her in the slightest. In fact, the entire concept of her line focuses on sustainability.

After a 2007 study revealed that 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions stemmed from the livestock industry, the correlation between animal use in fashion and the global climate crisis became apparent to the Stella McCartney team, and they integrated the need for sustainability into their mission and brand. Whereas green practices are featured highlights of other brands, it is the core focus of everything McCartney does.

Although incorporating sustainable practices in her line can cost as much as 70% more, her company does not alienate customers with higher prices. Their commitment to driving people toward environmentally-friendly products means they absorb the excess cost into their margins, refreshingly putting our planet above their bottom line.

And the innovation doesn’t stop with her own brand. Through partnerships with major companies such as H&M and Adidas, McCartney pushes change through other brands by setting guidelines affiliate products must meet. This influence allows other businesses to observe how greener practices can make a difference without impacting the quality of their products, and in many instances, also increase overall customer satisfaction.

Without a doubt, McCartney’s influence is setting a new standard in clothing and accessory production. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable about environmental issues, McCartney believes that going green may very well be the only way to go; as to whether or not consumers will stay loyal to non-sustainable practices and products, she muses,

“The next generation is not going to have it. I don’t think they will.”

And with thousands of people vocally supporting her cause, the proverbial fashion grass may end up being greener on every side.

Marco Lemcke is a London-based, interdisciplinary Creative, who works on various projects for both traditional advertising- and digital-agencies, as well as individual clients. Find out more at: www.marcolemcke.com