#Unmissable: Nike targets time-conscious consumers with quick blast messages

Nice, what a great and #UNMISSABLE peace of work. Check out Nike’s new online campaign Time is Precious. It takes a rare, back to basics style and format, encouraging us to re-focus on a world beyond laptops, phones and tablets.

The lead 60-second commercial shakes the zombified viewer awake, by drawing the power of daily digital distraction and saying: ‘Put your screens down, stop staring at your dazzling array of disparate devices, and… start running.’

60' Time is Precious by Wieden+Kennedy Porland

Followed by series of 30-second films — also created by Portland, Oregon-based firm Wieden+Kennedy — is slick, sleek and sly. Creative directors Chris Groom and Antony Goldstein opted to use minimalist graphics in a key departure from Nike’s usual rather opulent production values to get the company’s point across.

And, it works. Personally, the best advertising is always based on a relevant truth, combined with the stark sense of the ad’s stylistic power, it only serves to boost this most pressing of messages: ‘Stop watching this, get out there!’.

But feel free to judge and enjoy for yourself! While I’ll take up that overdue run, I never seem to find time for…

Marco Lemcke is a London-based, interdisciplinary Creative, who works on various projects for both traditional advertising- and digital-agencies, as well as individual clients. Find out more at: www.marcolemcke.com