And what I should have known before doing it

An Academic Paper? Really?

I have been recently working on a Voice Conversion system based on Convolutional Neural Networks: while the main idea behind the whole system wasn’t too complicated, I was getting pretty convincing results.

After giving myself a pat on the shoulder, I was about to start off a completely different project

How to generate HD images with GANs and no fancy Hardware


A number of recent studies explored some ways and techniques to generate High Definition images (1024x1024 pixels) using GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). It’s incredibily surprising to see super realistic, HD images of human faces, animals and other things generated by an algorithm, especially remembering the first GAN images from just…

The Discriminator is more useful than you might think


A Generative Adversarial Network is an extremely interesting deep neural network architecture able to generate new data (often images) that resembles the data given during training (or in mathematical terms, matches the same distribution).

Immediately after discovering GANs and how they work, I got intrigued. There is something special, maybe…

Marco Pasini

Studying Energy Engineering. Artificial Intelligence is pretty cool too.

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