Kontaktlinsen nicht in die Toilette

Wer kennt es nicht? Nach einem langen Tag stehst Du im Bad, Zähneputzen und zum Schluß die Tageslinsen raus. Diese kleinen praktischen Dinger, die durch ihre Weichheit so gut verträglich sind. Dank Internet und Preisvergleich ist das auch nicht mehr teuer. Das lästige Reinigen der Linsen entfällt ja auch, weil du sie einfach wegschmeißt und morgen früh eine Frische neue aus der Packung nimmst. Wirklich praktisch!

Naja, und weil es gerade so praktisch ist und der Klodeckel eh gerade offen steht, wirfst Du die kleinen, nun so nutzlosen Dinger einfach in die Toilette?

Das wäre keine gute Idee und eine…

The Google Cloud Platform introduced Google-managed Certificates for Load-Balancers. That means that my previous post about setting up a Https-Only CDN with letsencrypt is useless. There is a new, better way, to set up a Custom Domain HTTPS-only CDN based on a Google cloud storage bucket.

EDIT: since April 27, 2020, Google Managed SSL Certificates are out of beta and General Available (GA) https://cloud.google.com/load-balancing/docs/release-notes#April_27_2020 🎉

Disclaimer: Google Managed SSL certificates are a beta feature and will be until late 2019. So use with caution.


I run a price comparison website for contact lenses in Germany for many years now. I know my customers and have relationships to every big online retailer in Germany. This is my analysis.

Hubble and Waldo are aggressively coming to the german market. I see it in my Facebook-stream every day and lots of my friends do. They both offer a similar service and advertise big saving compared with usual contact lenses.

This short article explains in 7 steps how to migrate a Google Cloud Bucket to a Custom Domain enabled, HTTPS-only CDN. For that we use the Google CDN, Google Cloud Storage and Letsencrpyt.

UPDATE: There is a new way to set this up without letsencrypt and use google managed certificates instead. That is much easier to setup and you have no more maintenance regarding certificate renewals, but it is currently a beta feature. Use with caution.

UPDATE: I added a section on how to renew the certificate.

My main application runs on AppEngine and I love it. But there are…

Picture composed by Marco Pöhler, sources: “Life is Beautiful” by Linnaea Mallette, CC0

You will see how to set up a Firebase project which uses hosting and cloud functions written in Typescript. We add a VueJS project that will build our website and is hosted with Firebase hosting. After we set up these two parts, we are going to adjust some scripts to create a smooth development cycle with hot-reloading everywhere.

Marco Pöhler

Web-Developer from Hamburg, Germany. Father, DevFest-Organizer, GDG-Lead, Running https://www.kontaktlinsen-preisvergleich.de as one-man-show

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