Life Stress

Marco Altini
Sep 23, 2015 · 6 min read

The Story

Not that hard if you move to a town where the temperature is always the same.
The air you breathe in San Francisco.
A night out at the pub. Piling up 300+/hours per month, peaking at 16/day (RescueTime).

Personal life, anyone?

You know it’s a startup when you have post-its behind you all the time. If you are in a long distance relationship, get the Without app. It’s awesome.

Back to Europe?

7 beds in 12 days are no fun for your back.

The Data

Camera HRV at work.
When you live in front of your computer, you can figure out pretty much everything by looking at RescueTime data.

HRV & (Physiological) Stress

Relation between weekly baseline HRV (computed using HRV4Training) and weekly highly productive hours as logged by RescueTime over a year.

What does this mean?

Marco Altini

Written by

PhD in Data Science, Founder of, Traveler, Passionate Runner, Immigrant.

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