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I’m sorry you have reached this post. It’s sad that I had to to write it. It’s truly sad because Novelti is dead. Serious problems have made it impossible to keep it alive. It’s simple: we ran out of cash. We have been unable to grow Novelti to a sustainable income level, and we have failed trying to get additional funds. I’m convinced that we were very close to make Novelti a successful company, but that no longer matters. The only real fact is that we, as a company, have failed. And, of course, the responsibility is ours and, as CEO, fundamentally mine.

I not writing these lines to complain, though. First and foremost, I wish to appreciate your interest in Novelti. Many of the people that helped us came from an initial visit to our web. So, thank you for coming!

And, if you allow me, I’d like to extend this gratitude to all those — maybe like you — who believed in us and supported us with an unbelievable loyalty we never would have dreamt of asking for. We have been always proud of being part of Novelti, and all of us, as members of the team, have felt an enormous respect and admiration for what we were trying to build, and for everybody that became part of our story. Some engaged with us as first customers, others as mentors and many as friends and collaborators that wanted to help, building new relationships, developing new opportunities, or making business introductions. All of them have provided incredible value and great feedback that helped us to correct many errors and focus on the valuable stuff. Thanks!

As founder of Novelti, I am extremely proud of our incredible team. Wow! What an amazing group of real entrepreneurs that loved the project with passion and pushed each other to excel, so we could all give the best of ourselves. We’ve learnt a lot, failing a lot at the same time, learning from our mistakes and moving forward with wisdom. Yes, this is an important lesson: succeeding requires failing.

Personally, Novelti has transformed me. I’ve learnt a lot of things, from streaming data and machine learning, to product management, sales, marketing, industrial operations and everything around Novelti’s strategy, execution and operations. But more important than that, I have learnt even more about human relationships, about passionate teams and the caring management that they require. I’ve also learnt more than I expected about partners, investors and shareholder relationships. This is not the time to tell sadder stories… I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… I am hopeful that I will have the chance to share some of these lessons with you in the future.

Thanks a lot again for your interest. I’m sorry but Novelti is closed. Game is over.

I hope to see you in my next venture.

Marco Laucelli

Proud Novelti Founder and CEO

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AI, Machine Learning and entrepreneurship

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