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Inflation devalues your money over time, which dramatically reduces its purchasing power. This is a financial risk you can’t afford to ignore.

It’s been a decade of decline for interest rates

You have probably noticed those changes on your savings accounts. There is simply no interest to be found. The current (Jan 2020) interest rate for European consumers is 0.02% and for banks looking to borrow from the European Central Bank, the interest rate is at -0.04%. This effectively means that you can no longer rely on your bank to grow your savings.

So what do you do with your savings? Most of us will likely do nothing about it, because the alternatives seem complicated. We just leave it sitting in our bank account, where it seems safe. As far as our experience goes, the number on the account doesn’t change unless we spend that money. …

Since being diagnosed with depression 4 years ago, I’ve been passionate about self-improvement and conceptualising the ins and outs of human wellbeing.

I’ve tried dozens of nootropics and supplements, diets and sleep routines, formal therapies and rationality ‘debugging’, relationship models and work-hours, and even toyed with moral frameworks. Each of these added a useful component to my wellbeing toolbox.

I now consider myself to a be quite a content and fulfilled person. …


Marco Vega

Building the future of Sustainable Investing

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