Trump’s Foreign Policy Puts America Third
War Is Boring

I believe the americans that support Trump can’t grasp the damage that it already made to the image of USA and what are the calculations that the other countries are doing in the presence of its self-removal from the world stage and its new XX century-minded policies.

Latin America for example, an area that is not covered in this essay, that I think was spot on, still remember the ‘stick and carriot’ policy, the CIA’s wars and the Backyard view of the region, and see the latest developments as its comeback. The chinese are already gaining spaces here, because as USA turns it’s back to Latin America, our goverments and bussiness are doing the same to them.

As USA back off from the Pacific, green energy and free trade, China is going to take those spaces and become the new hegemon, and we as well will have to learn mandarin to cope with the new realities of the world that Trump is helping to create.

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