Colombia’s Peace Deal Means the Cocaine Trade Is Wide Open
War Is Boring

It’s something that we fear here, there are extremist in both sides of these peace accords, some think that’ll bring peace and end ALL the war and conflict in Colombia and others that think its a surrender to the insurgents and that they are taking over the country. It’s a mix of both and hopefully it’ll be at least a half way to a more peaceful country.

But I think its a change, the situation was likely to continue without any variation for the next 50 years, but now there are opportunities to fight these TOCs as they appear, because although the insurgency are long gone from the battle of ideas and ideologies, it’s mere existence was a rally point to some of the more extremist parts of the society. The estructure of the army and police are very effective against these new threats and it opens a possibility of real peace at least for the next generation.

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