The imminent change.

The true Challenge is finding people with good manners, habits, education and a conservative attitude on some aspects, unfortunately now it seems that get rid of this atributes means society’s development, times are not like before, everything is so liberal nowadays, I might sound like an old man but I do really miss the cortege, romantic letters and to get to know the other person in a longer period of time. We are only witnesses of people dancing to arrhythmic sounds that compose a “song” which most of them generally denigrates women, which they don´t really care since the music is danceable, liberal women that get upset when you open the car’s door for them since they don’t need help because they can do it on their own, everything is sex now, it builds a perspective that everything is standarized and people just go straight to the point and even though change is imminent and I should feel happy about society’s “progress” it just makes me feel that I’m not part of this generation or like many people think: I was supposed to be born in another period of time, when everything was better for a big amount of people.

stories of a maladjusted and misunderstood mind.