Energy Dance with me

Energy is so important to us, so vital, it is reflected in the expressions we use every day: “I have low energy / high energy today”; “There is great energy in the room” … Our very language captures the idea that without energy, nothing will happen.

Energy is crucial to economic growth and development; these might sound like abstract terms, but they translate into the quality of our everyday lives: Without reliable access to energy, there is no reliable health care; Without reliable access to energy, you cannot build an industrial system, with factories and offices that provide good jobs.

Energy technology and business models are undergoing a tremendous transformation: we are moving fast towards a more distributed energy framework, where renewables gain a rapidly rising share in power generation. In this new world, the energy and data connections grid plays a critical role.

At GE, we know this well. Energy is a major part of our business. We know how important it is — to us and to the world. We have created a dance video to explain how energy works, and why it matters. Why a dance video? Because we think dancing is the best representation of how energy plays in our lives: it is fluid, agile, and requires an incredible degree of coordination.

In this video blog, I take inspiration from our dance to discuss energy’s critical role in economic growth.

And here on our GE Reports page, we have posted a number of insightful contributions to…cast light on the transformation of the energy value chain. As well as, most importantly…the energy dance itself!

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