Start OutSystems in 5 steps

Marco Arede
Apr 25 · 2 min read

OutSystems made it easy, for start developing in this Platform. But when a newcomer is searching information, is fundamental to have a short guide to quick start OutSystems, and this process only takes about 5 minutes.

You’ll see how simple is to create an account, install and access your environment, in just 5 steps:

1. Go to , and sign up to create an account:

2. Go to , and download the latest development environment:

3. Go to , and start your personal environment giving a name to your address (e.g.

4. Open the installed development environment (designated Service Studio), and connect to your environment giving address (step 3.) and account (step 1.):

5. Go to , and continue exploring on how to getting started to develop in OutSystems, :

Have fun developing in OutSystems! :)

Written by

OutSystems Tech Lead / Senior Agile Developer / Software Engineer, working in DevOps teams to deliver rapid applications following Scrum.

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