My Tablet Has Stickers
Steven Sinofsky

Ah, yes I have another comment.

It is true that the convenience of saving to the cloud (especially given its device-independent, location-independent nature) is paramount.
As microsoft recently made us aware, data in the cloud is not private.
But let’s not think of the US, a democratic state. Let’s think about the regions of the world where the rule of law is much weaker. If I have data on my own server, or on my laptop, then government needs to get its hands physically on it, to get access. On the cloud it seems it’s just a matter of a request to a cloud provider. And then there are crackers and stuff. And I don’t see why a Cloud provider should not be affected by the “Panama Papers” problem (former employee grabbing internal data and making it public). I’d like to see the industry come up with a solution on this.

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