Whilst the planet gradually shuts down and life as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future, there’s a lot of chatter on “work from home”.

Work from home. Three tricky words.

Tricky because home used to be a refuge from work. It used to be the place where you tried to disconnect. The sacred place where it was permitted to hide from the wave of work.

And at the speed of a blink, thanks to a 120-nanometer organism, not anymore: work from home has just become the new normal, blending what used to be separate worlds. Forcibly. …

While some people learn to simply work around problems, some other people set out to solve them.

Whether they’re challenging the status quo or making relationships smarter, they’re never going to settle for “good enough”.

They are the Game Changers. They usually represent a minority and it’s very challenging to find them.

It was the end of January when I got a message from a friend, turned into an unexpected angel: “I think I found the right job for you”, she said. Just a few moments to learn the details and my CV ended up on a referral system.


Here are my Top picks for the biggest way in which innovation will shape things in the year to come:

The Cloud

If you still have any doubt that the Cloud is the engine of the global digital economy transformation then consider this: for calendar 2018, the revenue of just the four largest cloud vendors will almost certainly exceed $90 billion, with Microsoft approaching $32 billion, Amazon $26 billion, IBM $19 billion, and Salesforce $13 billion.

Across all industries leaders, from LOB leaders to CxOs, are moving mission critical workloads and databases to the cloud through all available *aaS commercial models.


For a very long time, the Christmas present was a brand new smartphone: Apple has been the richest company in the world for quite some time, then competitors like Samsung and Huawei came out and they made glory and fortune too. The world got populated of mobile screens and we all became a bit more lonely and narcissist. Prior to this the memorable gift was a sweater or a tie. Pretty boring social consequences for these, I must admit.
Now, the modern equivalent is a smart speaker. We buy them into the fantasy that Alexa or Google can make our lives…

I attended two major technology events this past month and both of them had one and only one theme in common: Artificial Intelligence.
The buzzword is now at the same level of abuse as BigData and Cloud were some time ago: everybody talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, but because everybody thinks everyone else is doing it then everybody claims they are doing it.
In other words: everything seems to be obviously intelligent these days, but the truth is that we are far away from it. Yet, something new is happening: traditional computer science is being re-invented: in…

You might have heard that a business brand is of paramount importance to the success of a company: brands help identifying and differentiating goods and services from the competition, so that it can be easily communicated and marketed. A rather intangible asset, yet probably the one that mainly speaks to the heart, mostly emotional, ultimately able to influence a choice.

A brand is what people feel about a product or a service.

If you think branding does not make the difference, think again. See how curating a brand led to huge diversity in perception between a knock off brand in…

Algorithmic bias is an interesting concept: it develops when a computer system behaves in ways that reflect the ideas or preferences of the humans involved in its programming or data collection.

Basically, it’s kind of like reading a newspaper article that reflects the ideas and political orientations of the journalist that wrote it.

We are very well used to this concept, but whilst most of us are able to read between the lines and can apply critical thinking to the content of an article, it is much more difficult to decode the lines of an algorithm, to the point that…

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend,” said ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus. Still true today, more than two millennia since.

Wouldn’t it be great if each morning 86.400 dollars, or euros, or pounds got deposited into your bank account? Sounds good, right?

Would you spend it? Would you give it away to your friends? Or invest it?

And the next morning you got another 86.400 coins: no matter how you used them, you still got them back the day after.

This is how life works: every day you get 86.400 seconds credited in your account. …

How to make sure your Cloud is balanced, healthy to your company bottom line and friendly to your staff

Cloud computing provides a huge opportunity to transform your company, offering considerable business agility, service improvements and cost efficiencies.

However, none of the above comes for free: you do need to craft a sound strategy and execute it well, keep costs under control and address the disruption killers. But most importantly, you need to invest into transforming people’s attitudes and ways of working.

Focusing solely on the technology without dedicating a significant amount of time and resources on transforming people’s attitude, culture and skills, organisational change and process re-engineering can lead to negligible improvements.

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Marco Carrubba

A human. Being. Born analogue raised digital. Capture light with #photography, in the #cloud for work, intrigued by #startups. Angel Investor. marcocarrubba.com

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