Are you ready for the winter?

The winter in Ny is coming soon, and as my first one while leaving here, everyone is asking me… are you ready for the winter?

When people ask me this question I usually give the question back by asking, how the winter here looks like? After squaring me about the power full and cold wind, people usually tell me to buy nice boots to protect my fits from the snow. Yet, what some also tell me, is that is it a beautiful season, a spectacle of snow blowing from an amazingly blue sky (I can’t wait to see it).

One of my friends asked me one day, how is the winter in England? The funny fact is that the winter, I was use to in the UK, is much different from the one they are picturing. If here the winter blows our body and souls, in Uk it freeze them. If here the winter is a spectacle of the gods somehow lovely with a incredible sound of a rush descent of a sky full of snow, in Uk is more likely a scary and grey movie.

When walking in the streets yesterday, I thought about a creative analogy of the winter on those to countries related to our organisations in this world.

The winter of the UK reminded me that in someway, our organisations are still designed for the industrial revolution, where people are rewarded for their capabilities to work as machines, individually, productively and unstoppably. I remembered the high school I have study at, for instance, where collaboration was punished, grades were used as methods of segregation from the best to the worst, and teacher, in most cases, took all the decisions that we students were obliged to follow. Organisations that, like the winter in the UK, frizz our inner creativity and innovative souls.

The winter in the US reminded me that in someway, I have a lot of hope for the future of our organisations. Even thought there is a strong wind blowed in a daily basis in members of organisations, that feel actively disengaged around the globe, not from the wind of any god, yet from their own brothers and sisters. There still is a beautiful blue sky, of people and organisations that are fighting for simple ways of working in community, ways that overcome individuality, always seeking for collaboration, that are tearing down hierarchies, and bringing self managements, and finally ways that motivate leaving beings and not machines.

Times of dormancy and descent, are essencial for all leaving things, despite all appearances of course, nature is not dead in winter, it has gone underground to renew itself and prepare for spring. I Hope and fight for our organisations and ourselves to learn from the winter of life, despite if in the UK or america, the winter comes as a reminder that if we fight for our communities, times of spring will come ahead of us. So, ARE YOU READY FOR THE WINTER?