How we emotionally connect with Websites

When thinking about websites we love we often try to look into tangible aspects that help us understand why this or that website is outstanding. Does spheres of a website evaluation are usually: Design, usability, content, and creativity. Precisely the aspects that Awwwards uses to evaluate when awarding the best sites in the world.

Despite the importance of looking does aspects, in this article, the idea is too also understand how we connect with websites in an emotional manner. In other words, memorable websites are the ones which create unforgetable stories that transmits the authentic value of a brand.

Therefore, besides looking to the tangible aspects mentioned I will also have a philosophical view of how and why these websites connect with my personal values and in this way make it memorable for me to visit them.

Consequently, I will create in this article two lists. One with five websites that I love and connect with the most, and another list of five websites that would enter in the Top five but didn’t and explain why they are not on the list.

5 great websites I love and the reasons why.


How much do you think an advertisement of Coca-Cola in the blank Google page would cost?

Knowing that millions of people access Google as its main source of information, probably the amount would have more than 9 figures. So why Google does not use this white space to generate millions of dollars per day?

I believe that in the answer of this question lies the main value of Google, simplicity. What Google wants users to remember is that this is Google and nothing else. That is why so many people connect to this design. Is so simple yet so powerful. So humble yet so creative. So easy to use, yet behind this few lines of images lies all the world digital information.

Finally, google is in my list because it looks smashing in terms of design and is strong because it is aligned well with their corporate identity.


Momondo user experience is so well designed that makes buying tickets a fun experience. Also the way they use the Data collected from users in a way to facilitate our buying experience is particularly helpful. Yet, Momondo connects with me in a deeper manner in the way that When Assessing it I can feel myself already in my next destination.

By valuing the diversity of the World, Momondo tells a story of possibilities and makes it very easy for users to decide when and where to go. As if the world was made for its users.

You are not so smart

You are not so smart website wins me for its original content. The main value I feel is connected to in this website is related to the famous statement of Plato “I know nothing”. Bringing the value of responsibility to learn and improve oneself.

I feel this because I believe every page in it has a purpose that keeps challenging me in every tough I ever had. And the way the content is connect, from book to blogs, from video to podcasts is amazingly engaging and integrative.

You are not so smart invites everyone to take the “blue pill” and challenge peoples core beliefs with well-grounded research and facts.

Humans of New York

My top five list features a photographers website. Humans of New York entered the list for the authentic storytelling. Finally, a website where you can see real people, going through their true lives and challenges.

What deeply create a connection with me in “Humans of New York” is the creativity, because, in a world where we just see masks all the time and Hollywood people having their extraordinary lives on Social Media, the website brings us again to the reality of the average moments of our lives and challenges.

Is great to see real people on the internet for ones.


“We are the generation charged with shepherding our texts from print to digital in a way that can expand their reach and impact in new and unprecedented ways.”

As a Jew fascinated with the jewish values and books. And a human being passionate about innovation there is no best way to connect both like Sefaria did.

Sefaria is the Google of the Jewish books. By given easy and free access to people to connect with one of the most powerful and ancient teachings of the world, Sefaria value is clearly of Freedom of knowledge.

The user experience of the website is also impressive, because it allows users to filter and organise the content that they love.

By Translating and organising thousands of jewish books with unprecedented teachings, Sefaria is for me a game changer in education.

5 websites that almost made it


Globo is the biggest Tv channel in South America, mainly present in Brazil. Its G1 Website is the most accessed in Brazil. And it reached this position by offering a catch to its users.

As per been a news website, G1 divide the categories of its news by color. Which at first appear simple. But if you ask, most Brazilians will know that the color of the Sports section is green, and the entertainment is Orange.

Therefore the website has established a clear hierarchy to their information, readers can’t help but unconsciously follow the breadcrumbs left for them.

The reason why it did not make my list of favorites, is because of the content. I feel it has poor content that tries to sell partial news to its users.


I deeply connect with Brain academy Website because is the website of the school I’ve been part of for more than one year. And the way the catapulted my personal development to the next level.

This innovative school combines philosophy and practice to create one of the best self development programs in the world. With schools all over the world, the Brain Academy is transmitting a story of living a conscious life.

It does not get in my top 5 list because Im to emotionally and actively attached with the school that is strangely hard to have a practical point of view of the quality of the design and experience, that I helped to create.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island, “the digital Harvard”, created what I believe to be the most creative toolkit for marketers and Designers.

With dozens of options and a very clear filter of categories, you can choose an adequate activity to apply creative collaboration and unleash the potential in your team or organizations.

During my Master’s degree program at Hyper Island, we intensively used this toolkit and were able to transform intangible values, like communication and empathy, into tangible actions and behaviors for our team.

Besides the fact that the UX experience is great because it is possible to source categories and filter very well what you need. It is not in my top five list because of the poor contrast of colors which does not create a clear differentiation between the activities offered in the toolkit.

Joana Lira

In Joana Lira website the artist, with the same name, creates a colorful experience to showcase her art.

What outstands for me is the quality of the images and the contrast of the colors, creating a pleasurable look and telling a story that transmits a sense of happiness and playfulness.

The reason it is not on my list is that I felt kind of lost in my experience there. There was no clear user experience to easily show me as a user what I could do besides looking at the picture. There is no buying button so I supposed this is not the case, but it also doesn’t appear to be just a portfolio, therefore if it had a clearer an simpler experience it would definitely fit the top 5.


This is probably the most useful website for those who like me love to create storytelling in their presentations, websites, keynotes and more. It offers us icons, simply as that.

In a deeper way, it helps us to communicate a message in a much more powerful manner. What I love about it is the searching engine that looks for specific words and gives me the option to choose from icons related to does words. There is no presentation of mine without using Noun project. And even if you are a UI beginner your presentations will outstand the eyes of the spectator with a cool and at the same time professional look of Noun project Icons.

One thing that the website could do better is to offer users the option to see how the icons would look in their presentation before downloading them. I always have to download many different options before deciding the best fit for me.


Every website tells us a story. For this story to be loved by its users it needs to unconsciously represent for them values they have deeply inside themselves.

During this exercise I could reflect about what are the main stories I am attached to and why. It was a self-discovery process that encourages me now to look for more stories on the internet.