You Might Not Need Redux
Dan Abramov

boilerplate is a term that kind of got a bad wrap when HTML5 and paul irish were a thing and you were expected to kind of start with a half-baked project and build on top of it without understanding its internals.
if you plan to advance in your career, get ready to build things that you can hand-off to other developers so you can go architect/kickoff the next project. to do that, you need to establish standard best-practices. a way for you to come into a project and know roughly where to look to find things. a way to train new-hires and to cover a developer while he goes on a long vacation, or maybe has a baby. 
boilerplate is a good thing if youre not working in a vacuum. and ‘indirection’ is now a term for abstracting things so that , as they get more complex, you can break them off into their own files in an organized and consistent class-package architecture/pattern.
its not a bad thing its a good thing

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