Home Studio Dispatch 01 — Start Here

Years ago, I was in a band. It was called RomCom. In the span of a month and change, we wrote, recorded and released an EP online for free. It was well received. That EP turned 3 years old recently and I made note of it on my Instagram. One aspect didn’t resonate with me so strong until I put it to words — what the sheer fun making a record with friends entails and how it shows in the music. It felt true and I can attest to that. I have scores of home recordings that will never see the light of day (unless you can find me on Soundcloud). But the more I thought about it, the more I felt the need to challenge it. Aaaaand not long after I resolved to let some people in on it because convictions and internets etc.
So here we are. To see if I can recapture that fun time magic given the situation I am in now. I know I am shit at writing for me, but I will slay to be best of my abilities when writing for others. To maybe at least find a middle ground in all. These for the most part will still be my songs. It’s adding the element of pleasant surprises by letting people I trust to collaborate on it is what I’m after.
And I will document the progress here. So if you will have me, welcome the occasional update in your email regarding the writing process, demo recording, and if I’m lucky, being asked to play a show someday. NOW PLAYING: Dawes — Right on Time

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Originally published at tinyletter.com.

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