Pubg ESP— A Guide before starting

What is a Pubg ESP used for?

Would you like to play like a professional? It is here that an ESP can be beneficial. With a Pubg ESP, you know where your enemy is, even before he shows up. This can be crucial if you want to go from being a hobby player to a professional. But be careful not to use this feature too aggressively. It is important that your game looks natural.

Not all PUBG ESP’s are equally good

Some ESPs are better than others. Especially, you should refrain from free versions, as they way too often result in bans, lost accounts, and malware issues. Just stay away from them.

Among the professional Pubg ESP’s you will find mainly Unknowncheats, Iwantcheats, and

All three of these are good choices, so take a look at their websites and see which one you like best. Personally, I use Battlelog’s ESP because it suits my needs the best and because their hacks have never got my account banned.

What’s the difference between ESP and wallhack?

Really, there is no noticeable difference that will have an impact on your gameplay. Both are used for increasing your game skills in the same way, with the only difference being the design and shown here:

Example of ESP

Above, you can see a screenshot of a PUBG ESP in action. Underneath, a wallhack is shown so you can see the difference.

Example of wallhack

As you might notice seeing these two pictures here, the difference does not really impact your gaming skills. Personally, I enjoy using the ESP more than wallhack. But again, this is just my personal preference. Nevertheless, the hacks provided by Battlelog and similar providers often include both features so you will be able to choose whatever you prefer.