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Marco De Rossi
Feb 11 · 2 min read

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So, we told you about our vision (read our Gluing Manifesto)… but we are #builders so writing manifestos is not enough ;) With this post we introduce our first “gluing hack”, bridging Ethereum with any traditional centralized application using webhooks and emails.

We want to enable all developers (outside the crypto space) to interact with Ethereum without actually knowing how it works under the hood. 99% of web developers don’t know how exactly HTTP works. They just trust that it does indeed work. For Ethereum to reach mass adoption we should do the same.

With HAL you can create customized triggers->actions workflows… using our web wizard (no coding required!) or through our GraphQL APIs layer:

  1. Transactions Triggers enable you to create multiple filters on specific parameters (even single arrays’ elements) of any tx. HAL’s web wizard is a form representing the structure of the contract, you don’t need to code. When the trigger is fired HAL decodes the input data field and send the details to a webhook or via email (with custom templates. Even the recipient of the email can be templated with variables sent to the contract).
  2. Contracts Triggers enable you to apply filters on the state of any Ethereum contract. Thanks to an easy webform you can apply filters on any value returned by “view” solidity functions
  3. Events Triggers enable you to create workflows based on events applying multiple filters to events’ parameters.

Here’s what HAL looks like:

or you can also connect to our GraphQL layer ( You can find our specs clicking on “Docs” here:

We put a lot of effort into our developers website to explain how HAL works, so other developers can join us.

Use cases

Our logo is a lighthouse because HAL is a centralized landmark trying to help sailors in decentralized oceans:

“…foolproof and incapable of errors”

HAL’s name is a tribute to its older brother (a bad-tempered guy) who left earth on a spaceship in 2001 and never came back.

If you want to get in touch, drop us a line at or join our Telegram group.

We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback. If you’re a developer and you would like to help us improving HAL, definitely get in touch. Part of the code is already opensource!

Alessio, Clément, Manlio, Marco, Matteo, Nicola

PS. Check out our Gluing Manifesto, were we set out to explain what inspired us to build HAL

Marco De Rossi

Written by

Part of the Ethereum community? Try HAL, our first “gluing hack” and read our Gluing Manifesto

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