7 Awesome Skills That Will Make You Stand Out As A CyberSecurity Pro

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Are you an IT Graduate or Network Security Engineer looking to enhance your career and stand out from the crowd? This article is for you.

I have been in the network & security space for more than a decade. As a network security engineer, security consultant, and now Founder & CTO at iCyber-Security Group, these products have served me well over the years in order to rise above the crowd.

Note that the list below is not sponsored or endorsed by those vendors. It is drawn from my own past experience and it is by no means the absolute truth. I am biased to the extent that I have grown to love those products over the years.

1. Routing & Switching Technologies

  • What: Cisco is the de-facto vendor for routing and switching with a big chunk of the enterprise market.
  • Why: Given the ubiquitous presence of Cisco routers and switches in the enterprise space it is worth spending the time to learn Cisco R&S well and gain a theoretical and practical knowledge of the product.
  • Where to start: Download a simulator like GNS3 or VIRL http://virl.cisco.com/ or Eve-NG: http://eve-ng.net

2. Firewalls Technologies

  • What: Check Point Technologies is one of the most popular enterprise perimeter firewalls.
  • Why: The Check Point Firewall adoption remains high with Fortune 500 customers due to its simple and intuitive user interface as well as its powerful inspection engine. Certification and hands on expertise is very desirable.
  • Where to start: Start with Check Point R80 Firewall. It is available to download as a virtual appliance.

3. Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

  • What: Sourcefire is now part Cisco. Based on the Snort engine Sourcefire is the IPS/IDS of choice for many enterprise customers. With the recent Cisco acquisition it will continue to grow within the enterprise space.
  • Why: Sourcefire and Snort will teach you lots of tricks when it comes to intrusion detection and prevention going from simple cyber attacks protection to the most sophisticated defence tactics.
  • Where to start: Download a free version of Snort from here. Sourcefire trial is available here.

4. Secure Web Gateways

  • What: Clearswift is renowned for its MIMEsweeper Content Inspection Engine that protects email and web transactions against malware.
  • Why: As cyber security continues to be a major challenge for small and large organisations, protecting enterprise data at rest and in motion is hot topic.
  • Where to start: Start with the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway. Request a demo and trial from here.

5. Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

  • What: F5 Networks leads the Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) market. F5 most popular product is F5 LTM which helps enterprises to deliver “Applications Without Constraints”.
  • Why: ADCs are crucial for the delivery of Enterprise Apps in a fast, secure, and resilient manner. Since mobile apps now rule the world F5 ADCs demand will continue to grow.
  • Where to start: Start with the F5 LTM. Request a trial download from here.

6. Two-Factor Authentication

  • What: RSA is one of the leaders in enterprise two-factor authentication solutions.
  • Why: The increasing number of cyber attacks means security remains a hot topic. Strong authentication is still one of the most effective first line of defence against cyber criminals.
  • Where to start: Start with RSA SecurID. You can request a trial from here or contact me.

7. Operating Systems and APIs

  • What: Linux/Unix and derived flavours are the preferred operating system used as the core engine of a lot of network and security devices as well as back office systems.
  • Why: Mastering Linux/Unix, APIs, and the CLI art will open you to a world of shell scripting, cyber security tools, and other technologies that are essential in order to master the network & security craft.
  • Where to start: Many flavours are available. I recommend Ubuntu as a starting point as it is friendly to beginners.

Happy learning!

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