A Moral Hazard? #Startup #Entrepreneur #CypherPoems

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Bankers fear the moral hazard.

VCs cry when return is sub 30–40%.

They all dread the loss of capital.

Bankers rely on the ability to repay.

VCs try to read the future for big profits.

They all hate financial risk.

They look for very safe bets & no tricks.

Stuck between a rock & hard place.

What if you had to choose one.

What is it going to be?

It’s a tree with binary branches.

You’ve got to choose one branch.

It’s a matter of pride can’t have both.

I choose boring over exciting.

Siding with the bankers.

Interest is low & they don’t interfere.

Company is kept raw & not diluted.

And a single investment deck will suffice.

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About these poems: Self Published Amazon Poems By Marco Essomba (@marcoessomba) a Network and Security Expert, Self Confessed Geek, CTO/Cofounder of AMPS Intl, a leading UK based Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Solutions Provider with niche expertise in the world’s most advanced ADCs (www.amps-global.com). This poem is part of a collection of encrypted poems for which only the author has the keys. But for those who are brave, a long journey to attempt to decrypt the new digital transformation and information technology related topics based on the author real life experience in the network and security field and career spanning more than 10 years. In these poems, the author often escapes GeekLand and drifts into geo politics, current affairs, philosophy, spirituality, and economics. In the spirit of open source poetry, all feedback (including bad ones) will be much appreciated. Keep reading those poems, for you may learn something about life on earth.

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