What’s The Secret Of CEOs? #Success #Entrepreneur #CypherPoems

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A CEO is the master of the flow.

Focusing on 3 key things only.

1-Ensuring there is money in the bank.

2-Hiring the best and leaving the rest.

3-Keeping the company vision alive.

The rest is trivial and put aside.

Like a Cobra surrounding its objectives.

Asking the same question.

What needs to be done now?

Addicted to success and plotting ahead.

Thriving to reach the top & beyond.

Dreaming ahead of the pack.

And not bothered about fallbacks.

The CEO is the mastermind.

Rallying the whole team as one mind.

Bringing together the whole vision.

Delegating & controlling the friction.

The CEO is a fully charged ADC.

Ensuring the company is secured.

That funds are available.

And making sure delivery is fast.

That the business is agile and slim.

And that customers keep smiling.

The CEO relies on the A-Team!

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About these poems:

This poem is part of a collection of encrypted poems for which only the author has the keys. But for those who are brave, a long journey to attempt to decrypt the new digital transformation and information technology related topics based on the author real life experience in the network and security field and career spanning more than 10 years. In these poems, the author often escapes GeekLand and drifts into geo politics, current affairs, philosophy, spirituality, and economics. In the spirit of open source poetry, all feedback (including bad ones) will be much appreciated. Keep reading those poems, for you may learn something about life on earth.

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